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Divination by e-mail

1. Any of these addresses:

send a message about the intention to conduct a divination session. Briefly describe the desired situation. Ask questions that would get a response. Specify your e-mail to send the response. Not necessarily, but if possible, report the date of birth of the people (or their sign of the Zodiac), which would like to tell fortunes. Will help in their photograph taken not more than a year before the current time.

2. You get me a confirmation of acceptance to consider your questions and information on the cost of services.

3. Make a payment by any method convenient for You:

  • - through the terminal QIWI wallet 9189070834
  • - map of Sberbank of Russia 4276300017134225

4. Within days after receipt of payment to your e-mail will receive a detailed reply.

Our meeting with you is not random, the Universe wisely and promptly brought us to it. Turning to me, decide what you want from this meeting? Just look under the mysterious veil of the future? Or change this future by their actions and deeds?