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I gave You my time, energy, and information that You need. Now, according to the rules of magic security, it is necessary to close the circle of exchange of energies. Funds for this there are many, but the simplest and most reliable of them is the fee.
The cost of the consideration of one issue - 30 euros (answer within three to five sentences), one theme - 55 euros (fully consider the situation and the possibility of change). All payment methods costs for transferring money carries your side, and divination I will proceed only after payment is received.
For those who are more comfortable to pay in rubles:
1 EUR - 96.3034 rubles*
1 USD - 88.6852 rubles*
*CBR exchange rate on 28.05.2024 05:07
Payment can be made in the most convenient way for you:

Via PayPal on the wallet tarogadalka@yandex.ru

This payment system is considered to be one of the most comfortable and safest in the world. Allows you to make a payment online to my account tarogadalka@yandex.ru that is also an e-mail address. To learn more about this payment system click the link below.

Through the terminal QIWI wallet 9189070834

QIWI wallet is a convenient way to pay for all routine services. The wallet can be easily filled in QIWI terminals and partners, the cellular shops, supermarkets, ATMs or Internet banking. To learn more about this payment system, click the link below.

Map of Sberbank of Russia 4276300017134225

This method of payment is very convenient card of Sberbank. The main advantage of this method is the simplicity and the lack of a transfer fee. To learn more about this payment system, click the link below.
Any debate about whether “good” or “bad” - to take the fee, have no meaning. The word "free" - the DEVIL Pays...