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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

Magic attack

Customer questions:

Client seems that it is constantly having a negative, perhaps even magical influence. She asked: "Who could (friend, colleague, friend, tenants, and so on) have a magical effect on me (if any)?"

My answer:

I decided to make a group of people for each separate classifications on the Tarot: are there in your environment girlfriend, or wishing to bring evil to you? No, you are able to really be friends, but your intuition is always on time dictates what and where you can share with friends, and where they were shut down and not allow them into your world. Are there any employees in your environment, or wishing to bring evil to you? No. The environment (at work, in the office) does not have this. Does your apartment building tenants wishing or bring you harm? No, but you're too indulgent to them, too friendly, too open. This is incorrect behavior. Be gracious to them and open during public holidays or any special occasions, but not every day. Are there people in your environment, or wishing to bring evil to you? No. In the coming years, these people around you will not, but do not relax. It is not for a lifetime. Still Analyze people and their behavior.

If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.