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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

How will personal life

Customer questions:

Me on the Internet asked my colleague. She is able to speculate on the Tarot, but decided to use my services. She wants to know how will develop relationships with men. Will her new marriage, new family.

Legend: K - klienka

My answer:

By official marriage is no more. To date, she meets a man. These relations will improve in 2008, will be strengthened, but in 2009 will start disintegrating. In 2010 comes the understanding that these relations are not at all, what you want, so quietly, without dramas link ends in 2011. A new meeting is expected to be in 2012. Sign exact new partner tarot cards did not show, so for K this information is premature. This meeting will take place thanks to a meeting with the person who by no longer maintain a close relationship. (Example: met by chance in the movie an old friend, and he offered to sit next to him while he was still with a friend with whom you met). These relations can not be called a civil marriage, but it is very similar. In 2015, there will be a conflict between them, so in 2016 they will cease To meet, but both have enough sense not to put an end to the relationship. In 2017 a man take the initiative to resume relations, and then call to legalize it. But say: "Let's wait." Relationships are good, light, based on mutual understanding, to the very end.

If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.