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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

Search for missing man

Customer questions:

I was approached by a young man. Missing his cousin, with whom they are very close. The client had a dream about her brother, after which he said that his brother was in a difficult situation, and asks for his help.

My answer:

To search for a missing person, I use the balance of the Faith Sklyarova "The Living and the Dead." But this time nothing happened. I will take a deck of Tarot cards in hand, and it is just a "very heavy." And wrote to the customer. It took a few weeks. Client again sent me a message. Found the body of his brother. At the time of the first call, he was killed. It became clear why I could not bring myself to do decomposed on the cards. Such information is very heavy even for strangers, and even more so for the relatives. Why do we dream of people who have left this world? The reasons are different. To this must be treated very reasonable, do not be afraid, but do not let it happen to desire. Alive - alive, deceased - peace. The appearance in a dream - a method by means of which the souls who have left the physical body, trying to calm living. The goal - to let grief-stricken man reconciled with the loss, finding an understanding that no - it is only a change of reality, and it is not final. And we can hope that it will help the person to return to a normal life and constructively to continue their way of life. Customer recommended to read the chapter "Recognition of Dreams" from the book by Michael Newton's "Destiny of Souls".

If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.