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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

Alignment for one year on all spheres of life

Customer questions:

The client has ordered alignment of one year.

My answer:

Annual alignment is carried out in two stages. Expulsion is the time from the day of divination.

In the first stage examines how a whole will be next year for The clients and major events every month

In the second phase to view the event the following areas of life:

- the state of health

- work, business

- finance, financial position

- personal life

- family life

- children, grandchildren, younger members of the family, the possibility of pregnancy

- the best event of the year

- the worst event of the year

If you see any negativity, be sure to ask the Tarot, whether it can be avoided, and that this should be done.

I step

2013 for my client as a whole would be a good, positive, productive. No sorrowful or severe events. The second half of the year - even better than the first. Most monetary months: yang, ying, AB, Art. At work, all is well. Toward the end of the year activation on the "love life." Do not see the long-distance travel. In the month of Jan child's client appreciate their success in school and in the mud The client show him the maternal generosity, do something very good for him with all my heart.

From 1 to 10 - Bright girl (girl), everything connected with it From 11 to 20 - nothing special, waiting for change, change will come only after the 20th day. They will please you, slight trip, something to do with transportation.

The most successful month. Many chances to all possible, especially anything related to children or younger generation. But ... The client will be afraid to use these chances than she would make difficulties in the situation.

All well and at work and at home. Again are opportunities related to travel or transport, but, the client will take the wrong decision again and refuse opportunities, thinking that it would be more sensible (and as if something happens).

Most stagnant month. All client self-absorbed in their deeds and thoughts. Forced captivity because of some papers, contracts will have to dig it all, work, work and more time to work. Also be involved in the affairs of some couples, something to help them to do.

Sm.aprel since The situation is repeated. Forced captivity because of some papers have a lot of time and effort spent on it to process the papers, to fix things. Continue to participate in the affairs of some couples, but will be throwing doubt: but whether we should participate in it? Consider finally decides that doing the right thing.

Cash flows, in much smaller quantities than A client will expect. She wants to get what you want, she even tries to someone connect to the intrigue, but will not work. Anyone who wants to fuck more, just do not add.

If there is sex, I advise you to be protected, a very big chance of getting pregnant. Then I see a situation where A client starts impose on people that like her personally, but the person has not yet matured to such entertainment or to this type of recreation. My client looks selfish in this situation, although her intentions sincere and kind.

Cases related to the family and loved ones will want to do for them something good, but someone does not help you in this, away from their duties or performs them not in full. In general, that the client was conceived, will carry out.

Quiet home furnishings, all measured, a little bland, but still. It's client satisfied.

Appears hero-lover: funny, interesting, funny, but more is said than done. The meeting will be held with him on some occasion or holiday. The client is already familiar with it, in the past, she did not want to pay attention to him or to him quickly cooled. This time will be really glad though no specific plans begins to build. In November, the meeting will be rare, in December, the client has to break out his tender feelings.

I see my client and her female relative (mother, aunt?), They are jointly glad some good things.

The clients Cavalier showing her attention, so The client starts to build some iridescent plans for their future together (oh, Ranova something !!! Do not blow in his fantasies so far). The year ends on the positive. Love, cupid, happy end))))

II Stage

From January to April possible intervention of doctors, treatment will yield positive results, but from May to August should take care of oneself, not stupid in relation to your body. At the end of the year will not bring health.

Job, career
From January to April grater with the boss or someone who is more significant you. Verifiability, very Nervous situation; in the middle of the year is nothing special; in the last 4 months of the year have a chance to go on a business trip or to make a career leap.

Finance, financial situation
Earlier this year, the client will have to give money on pre-existing obligations; by mid-year it does not deal with these obligations, and then she would bring themselves to financial ruin. By the end of the year the situation is not that straightened, but some clearance, there is hope.

Completely deadlock, no change, but apparently brand The client holds. Tip: You do not have to chase the friends of those who supposedly significant in this life. Friends need to warm cordial relations, and not for anything beneficial from them.

Family Life
See above., Where he wrote about the hero-lover. Maps are repeated.

Children younger generation
Cards again shows the child-student. And repeats the information described above.

The best event of the year
Particular highlights will occur. ... but still will be a good year.

The worst event of the year
Something to do with women's health. It will begin in the first 4 months of the year, but The client will treat the manifestation of symptoms casually, so at the end of the year - a visit to the doctor, then treatment.

If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.