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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

Teachers trouble

Customer questions:

Asked an elementary school teacher. Series of failures: the student is injured, flooded room. The client wants to know why this is happening. What will happen to the boy and how this situation will be reflected in her work.

My answer:

The boy will recover. In the future, it will have a similar situation. Why did this to you "flew"? It is not necessary to take a strong liking to someone from children. It deprives you of true freedom in choosing the direction of your actions. Will all too well to heat, the heat is not enough, you're not the sun. At its native heat would suffice. The problem of flooding Cabinet officials to decide, but they are a "score", and the situation drags on. You've got to go, you have to ask, you need to explain. While the situation drags on, but the money or the means to eliminate it will be highlighted. What about this? Rather than for what, and for what? You're already talking to someone about it (for example, about redecorating or about the cabinet reshuffle, or about the need to purchase for the office). That's when it was necessary to bring the situation to a positive conclusion. How to improve the situation? Do not be so sensitive to the event that it does not discourage the love of the profession. Try on many turn a blind eye, worked day quality, professionally - and go home to his family. Then the husband will be more interested in the best earnings. Wife - at home, her husband - earns. Soon there will be improvements to the remuneration of you.

If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.