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In this section you will find interesting books and articles, including those written by me.


Lady on reception was first addressed the issue of his personal life, and then ... This lady lawyer, and now she asks to see what will be the results of three trials, in which it has already got involved. Two of them will be played just for its wine, and in the third the results will be positive, but much less than expected by the client. The reaction of the ladies in my story - calm and affirmative indifference: "Yes, there's the way it develops." But customers, hoping to help her pay considerable sums !!! And she did not even ask for advice, what can be done, but with the help of this card really be seen. I still do not determine their feelings about it.

P.S. Rich in practice does not always make the best lawyer, but always makes it richer.

There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.