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The archetype of a fool (Fool)

Once upon a time there lived a man in the world - naked, helpless, forgotten and alone. All around him scared. It seemed to him that with him all the time should something happen, and he did not know how to avoid it. Danger lurks everywhere it, at least so it seemed. He eked out a miserable existence, and the enemies he had a lot of: hungry wild beasts ready to tear him apart, and cold and heat, causing the disease, lack of food, which had to be extracted from the risk of their lives, and the terrible elements of nature, at any time threatens to destroy his home and the man himself. And no one he could not wait for help - after all his colleagues were just as vulnerable and exposed to the same dangers that he did. Here is a tree that grew near the cave and to protect people from wild animals and the summer heat, was struck by lightning. Flames becoming stronger and "eats" a sense of security, destroying what was familiar and mastered. With a roar and crackle of the fire burned all those who tried to approach him. It causes physical and mental pain was something incomprehensible and therefore frightening. Suddenly, from the sky, from before a stream of warm sun or moonlight, water gushed. It became more and more clouds spewed already present flows. All this was accompanied by a terrible thunder and flashes of lightning striking the imagination. And in addition, in broad daylight world plunged into total darkness. Flaming torch tree was beginning to fade, flames hissed, blackened branches crook, but to fight the elements - fire and water - fire gradually gave up. However, from this man did not feel safe - he saw that the river, which every day gave him water to drink and refreshing in the heat, turned into a roaring stream, the approaches to the very entrance of the cave. We had to look for salvation - the water has flooded his home. Person covered panic: But where to go - everywhere darkness, illuminates only part ominous flashes of lightning, from which it becomes even worse. And in addition - a hurricane, bending to the ground every living thing, penetrating to the bone and rips off his pathetic human rags. Yes, even before such solid ground suddenly starts to crawl and shake. Wait for help from anywhere. Earth tremors are getting stronger from its depths came the muffled roar. One feels that this is the end. The earth rumbled yawns beneath him, and he falls to nowhere. Raging elements completely engulfed and destroyed it, but he no longer feels - his mind flies into the abyss with him. When the next morning he wakes up in the middle of the ruins and debris, the world is completely different. At the site of the cave, which yesterday was his home, there was only a pile of stones. The river changed its course, its course was fast and the water - muddy. Where once I could see a small island, now raging huge waterfall. Everywhere, everywhere you look, including storm felled trees and the dying fires - the corpses of dead animals during a disaster. The landscape looks so terrible that fear becomes almost physical sensation. One feels that he can not stay here, that he is still in danger. Thus was born his intuition, has much in common with the instinct that guides animals. Primitive man survived only thanks to her, and the current civilization has announced intuition something secondary in comparison with the intellect. That is why modern man is so hard to avoid all kinds of dangers. That intuition told our poor thing to get up and go, but the body does not respond, the legs do not go, wound bleeding, broken ribs hurt. But the fool still stood up and set off. As soon as he had found temporary refuge in the hollow of the only surviving tree in search of prey po¬yavilis wild beasts. They followed him on the trail and were hungry and fierce. People realized that and stay here opa¬sno. You need to look for a new shelter, a place where he could live. Once the animals satisfy hunger Valya everywhere carrion fool left hollow and go on a perilous path into the unknown, having in his luggage a terrible experience disaster and naive belief (bordering on carelessness) in what is now certainly everything will be fine. In his travels, he saw a lot of amazing birds, curly nest, animals, nurse their young, carefree frolicking on a sunny meadow, lush vegetation, huge green trees - and nowhere is it not seen even a hint of the nightmare that has recently gone through. Then he began to think, and saw that life is stronger than the elements. He wanted to find out why this is so. And he wished to new knowledge. He realized that only the knowledge of the world allow him to avoid in the future of all the dangers that recently were his only fate. He became a close watch on the fact that he had met on the way, he learned to see how animals cope with difficulties, eventually he even started to use methods that peeped in plants. All this helped him to survive in difficult situations. He gradually accumulated experience, although many did not understand, many do not even know how to call it, but a lot was generally unable to perceive or remember. But he carefully collected in his bag wanderer all that meet on the way. Of course, not everything went smoothly, but he was tireless in his journey, which gradually led him to an understanding of the many laws governing the world, and it drew him even further - to expand the horizons of knowledge. And, in the end, he found great wisdom, to which sought for so long was he realized that he was - just a fool, which still stands at the very beginning. But the thirst for knowledge was so strong that it continued and continued on his way, though he still faces many difficulties and dangers. However, the man was firm in his feat of accumulation of knowledge and experience. And it is this hardness allowed fools become a magician.
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.