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What you need Man and Woman to each other

Interestingly, you can give a man the woman when the children have grown up? Just what is a nurse, if it is necessary, even in bed hopelessly sick? Because man was created first and the woman behind him (joke), in this sequence, and we will find out who and what and who you need. The man from the woman you want (distributed locations in order of importance):

1. Woman as a sexual object

2. A female friend

3. Woman, the mistress of the house and as the mother of his children

4. Works at home, even better if she and outside the home will work and bring home money

5. Admiration from the women

Monitor this list for years. First he lost sexual desire for this woman, as a broken old record. Therefore, the task of women is to do everything to keep that interest. Then goes the friendship. It means that a woman should be smart enough to him it was interesting and RELIABLE, because a true friend you can rely on yourself. Then the household and children. So she should be able to farm and not just maintain, but with love, otherwise the house will be clean, but not comfortable. And the man does not want to return to this house. Must bear her husband children and engaged in their education up to a certain age, and then to pass it on to the care of her husband. And never drop the authority of her husband in the eyes of children. Work at home is required every day, day after day, year after year. Can these responsibilities be satisnet. But it is NECESSARY!!! And if women are even and well-paid job, then it's fine. And always have a husband (man) to admire. Not only stupid and foolish, man ain't no fool, will immediately understand that he just "noodles on the ears hang". You should be able to find in his male dignity, they are in any of us, only they should be able to see. Actually back to the subject of love. When you love, it all seems nice and relatives. And when you do not love, you will find something to complain about.
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.