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Tarot and the visible world

Consider the Tarot as a phenomenon of the visible world (from the ancient Greek. Phainomai, "be"), etc.), as a fact of everyday life, with which we have to deal. So, what is the Tarot? TAPO (Tarot): special oracle cards, consisting of 22 large (older) and 56 Small (junior) Arcana. LASSO (lat. Arcanum - "mystery"; Wed tzh. Arab. "Rukn" - "pillar, the foundation of faith"): a secret set of statements or instructions, recipe, "know-how". Similar complexes were in many cultures and communities (Ancient Egyptian priests, the Druids, the Order of Templars, Masons, and others.). In alchemy, and sometimes in homeopathy "lassos" called. composite material, the ingredients of which remain secret. Large or Major Arcana represent narrative or symbolic figures, they have their own names and serial numbers that have appeared later. They are often decorated with additional symbols: it can be plants, animals, icons, planets and signs of the zodiac, geomantic figures, letters of the Hebrew and other alphabets. Accordingly, and interpret them in several ways (with the occult, astrology, numerology, and others. Viewpoints). Small same arch, in essence, are the prototypes of playing cards (and to this day used as such for the game of "Turok"), as have four suits - wands, cups, swords and the denarius (pentacles) - consisting of digital cards from Ace to ten and four curly carte Pharaoh (King), Sibyl (lady), Horseman (Squire, Knight, Senior jack) and Bulletin (Junior Jack or Knave). Initially, four suits symbolize the four major social strata - the commoners (Messengers), Knights (Riders), priests (Sibyl), and the princes or kings (Pharaohs); India is the Sudras, Kshatriyas, Brahmins and Raja, etc. Over time, this symbolism was forgotten; Spanish and German deck kept the king and two jacks, but "lost" lady, French and Russian - king, queen and jack one. Suits acquired other names: instead of swords, cups, batons and coins (denarii) maps were pictured swords (spades), Hearts (worms), oak leaves (clubs) and bells (drums). In modern American decks peaks generally replaced by asterisks and diamonds - apples. Of high cards in these decks was only a joker (Jester). Drawings on the Minor Arcana cards first appeared in 1910. They were executed by the artist Pamela K. Smith in collaboration with the occultist Arthur E. Waite.
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.