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Best love spell

Trying to enter in the search engine the word "spell". Given TWO MILLION sentences of the type "the Most powerful love spell with payment by results", "Return of the beloved in the shortest possible time", "Connection destinies forever." An impressive figure. And this topic deserves special attention. In my practice divination only 10% of the estimated omens are confirmed. The rest - suggestion, self-hypnosis, unwillingness to admit mistakes. It is much easier cause of disconnection blame on love, not on your character. Strangely enough, but men more often than women, ask about the spell. But for the lapels of her husband's rivals are increasingly turning deceived wife. And a very rare request on cooling from love addiction. There are no any special "white love spells, love spells without sin", etc., the love Spell he is the love spell. His sacrifice will be for some time to be close to the customer physically, wanting his flesh, but without love. Because love is a state of mind, it is an internal expression of the will of man, but to instill a state of mind it is impossible by any means. Remember that forever beat the Light and Dark Forces? Right! For our Immortal Souls. Over time privorotny will begin to suffer, and being close to suffering, anyone else happy did. Can we be sure that this person will be of interest to us all my life? "In sorrow and joy, in sickness and health"? What's new love POPs up in front of us, like Bulgakov's Margarita - "suddenly, as the killer from behind the corner"? And then what? Will we be happy "attached" to us boring partner? The Church is a sin of the spell is equal to the sin of murder.

The SPELL is directed energetic impact on man (prepareimage), for the purpose of forced excitation in it the love of a particular object (bewitch).

The spell can be done for the year, for several years. There is eternal love, but in terms of our urban life to make it practically not possible. The final results of the spell:

- broken psyche as one and the second partner;

- shattered health, up to incurable diseases;

- othonna karma.

Constant companions become bad luck, swearing, fighting. Changing the structure of the biofield, distorted the work of the chakras, resulting in life prepareimage obtained a complete mess. Deteriorating relationships with loved ones and the world. For these reasons many years ago refused to do love spells, binding, prisuschi, study and similar rites. Omens are:

- the image of a man (photography, portrait);

- figurines made of clay, dough, wax (invalidate);

- physiological. Particles physiological spell deposited in the body, emit a certain kind of energy, sending it to the brain and forcing them to perform certain actions in order bewitch;

- items or personal items (messages);

- natural phenomena (wind, fog, sunrise, sunset, etc.,) or elemental (earth-water-fire-wind);

- summoning otherworldly forces (Saints, Angels, Demons);

- creating ghosts, entities (e.g., love the larvae), which are parasites on the Aura of a person;

The most powerful and dangerous are omens biological. These include:

- spell on the blood, including menstrual;

- love the nails, the skin;

- spell on the foreskin (done on the wedding day in the Muslim East and in Israel, to ensure the fidelity of the wife for life);

- spell sperm;

- spell on the pot;

- spell saliva;

- a love spell on earwax;

- combined spell (Hair, nails, at least nine drops of blood from the ring finger. Obtained almost complete genetic make-up).

The most modern way of love spell is a visualization: the creation of desired images and transfer them to the level of consciousness. A collective image of "customers". Most often it is narcissistic, very painfully vulnerable people who are unable to survive its own defeat in any area, and even more in love. Unhealthy selfishness, inability to forgive and to build equitable relationships make them, usually alone. He is driven by the desire to maintain or to gain social status, financial position, stability, or revenge, to assert themselves. The second category - those who go to the spell of despair, succumbing to a moment of weakness: "Well, how am I without him (her)?!" Signs of love:

1. Longing victim to the love object, that is, to the person who made the spell. The victim does not pull intimately to others of the opposite sex. They simply do not exist in the world! The victim feels that they cannot live without love object, but this relationship is not happy. After sexual contact with preparativi, instead of joy and strength, the person feels guilty, overwhelmed, tends to go faster. On the way home he promises himself that this was the last time that more will not go there, but when he comes to the threshold of his house, his legs are back, against the will and common sense.

2. Lethargy, apathy, lack of initiative, lost the "glass" look. The victim will never admit that is under foreign influence, what with him (her) is something wrong. On the contrary, he (she) sure, that everything is under control. People close to see the inadequacy of the victim's behaviour and offer to contact a specialist for help. But the victim flatly and rudely refuses to acknowledge that he (it) made magic attack and especially refuses to go to a specialist to remove a magical effect.

3. Growing troubles at work. The victim lost interest in everything except the object of his "love".

4. Depression, hopelessness, clenching heart, occasionally rapid heartbeat.

5. Complete loss of self-esteem. The fear of losing his "beloved" ("beloved"). Humiliation in front of her or him.

6. High suggestibility.

7. Hatred for the object of love and at the same time a feeling that can not live without it (without it) to live.

8. Sentimentality, tearfulness, inexplicable pity.

9. Fatigue, poor sleep. Possible periodic nightmares. Dreams, basically, have a specific love motive.

10. Complete indifference to the spouse and children.

11. The flurry of blows of fate, pursuing the victim of a love spell. Failure is growing like a snowball. Total constant feeling of unhappiness.

12. The appearance of salt, poppy or land in the pockets or shoes of the victim.

13. The threshold of the apartment or house scattered earth, spilled water, melted candles, lumps of wool, used matches, and stuck in the door jamb of the needles, rusty nails. These items are used to put a curse on the cooling feeling of the spouses to each other, to quarrel.

14. In very rare cases (when the war between the victim of the spell and preparativi is on the subtle energy level) may madness victim or even sudden death. Sometimes the victim of the spell there is a desire to commit suicide.

How does a love spell, many people know that man is not only the physical body; man is a complex, multi-dimensional energy structure, consisting of several thin bodies responsible for our lives in the physical manifested world. All love spells are aimed at two levels of the subtle bodies of man - the astral body feelings, emotions and desires) and mental (the body of thought). When we utter the incantation formula of the spell, the generated corresponding emotion or thought, and put it in the subtle body of man, which it is secured at an appropriate level. If you look at it at this point is on the subtle plane, the picture will appear as follows: the customer of the spell becomes the main power source for the astral and mental bodies of their victims. A deficit of energy resources for both, making them thin body weaken and begin to see the gaps and holes. Because our livelihood depends on the condition of our subtle bodies, respectively, after some time, the gaps and holes in the aura of a person out on the physical plane in the form of diseases and troubles. But that's not all. There is the law of Karma - the law of retribution, which we get what we have created. Since the primary cosmic law is the freedom of expression (freedom of choice), the violent energy action against another person, is equivalent to physical violence, and accordingly punished very harshly. Think for yourself, decide for yourself, to have or not to have!
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.