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Tarot and Love

Interpretation of Tarot cards, as you know, is a matter, not quite simple. But, if you put specific questions concerning the scope of the senses, is always possible to obtain a clear and understandable answers. At first, you should not go into a detailed analysis of the deep multi-level, which is essential in forecasting and psychological alignment. A few simple rules placed below, you will facilitate communication with tarot cards and understanding their messages to you. Compliance with these rules will allow even the novice to read tarot reader classifications, concerning the scope of the senses.

1. "The more specific the question, the more specific the answer" - all experienced tarologi know this rule. It should be remembered that the question should be worded in a clear manner that does not contain a double meaning. Consequently, access to the card, do not ask "Does he like me or not?", Because such a formulation of the question gives two contradictory answers "yes" and "no." Raises the question clearly, for example: "Loves Li Yang me?", "Is it true my Maria?", "I am there for the next year with a new partner?", "What can I do to improve relations with his wife?

2. Start with simple layouts, for which you need no more than 7 cards. Initially, you can restrict ourselves to only the Major Arcana. They show the overriding business and events. Minor Arcana show only background events, and are in addition, updates to the information received from the Major Arcana. Over time, having to that desire, you can go to great layouts and more expanded interpretation.

3. Trust the wisdom of the Tarot! If you are asked a question and made a layout, you have to accept the answer that was. Even if it is undesirable to you, or just do not like you. Do not ask the same question again, just because you were not satisfied with what learned! Do not twist the content of the question, if the problem remains the same. For example: you asked the question: "Is it true my wife?", The answer did not satisfy, and you ask a question: "Do I Change the wife?". This is pointless, since both times you ask the same. It is important to accept the answer that we have. Question can resume only after 28 days (after the lunar month). This is the shortest period of time after ko¬torogo can occur any significant changes in the current situation.

4. Do not open all the cards immediately. After selecting a card is required to elect the alignment you, lay them face down and uncover one. Analyze them in turn. (If you have difficulties with the choice situation - look in the fifth raz¬del this book "best scenario" in matters of love). When interpreting the pay attention to the combination of cards in 2, and if the right, and 3 (we are talking about those cards that are adjacent to each other, touching any of the sides (left, right, up, down, or diagonally).

5. Remember, when interpreting equally be used as logic and intuition. Do you work with the subtle energies, so appealing exclusively to logic, rational thought, considerably narrow the range of information obtained. On the other hand, using only your intuition to make the abstract interpretation, malokonkretnoy.

6. If you do anything you do not understand, write your doubts on a piece of paper, and come back to them after a few hours or the next day. You will see that many of the questions will be more understandable for you.

7. If you're doing the alignment itself, try sohra¬nyat maximum objectivity and controls emotions, as excessive self-interest can greatly complicate the interpretation. It can lead you in the direction of interest or you answer and exaggerated optimism or pessimism to extreme and "Black Thought". Start with simple questions and small layouts. This will give an opportunity to get a clear and unequivocal answer. You can even use only one card, and the answer is interpreted as a "yes" or "no».

Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions Tarot, suggesting that the most you can include some undesirable event or problem. Nothing could be more wrong! Everything that happens in our lives, there is a consequence of our choices and our actions (and you can change them), or is the result of our Destiny, Karma (and this can be cooked). Maps should be asked about what the result will bring our actions, whether we are doing right, what obstacles and challenges await us. Tarot can:

- help to understand what is going on;

- warn about how events can develop;

- Suggest how to change their behavior or plans to events unfolded favorably for asking
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.