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World Tarot

Humankind has faced with the fact that the most fantastic theories and representations are true. When Columbus discovered America, it surprised many, though some admitted theoretically that possibility. When Schliemann excavated the legendary city of Troy, it was a shock to the scientific world, because in addition to a handful of romantic nobody believed in the historicity of the narratives of Homer. When the growth of information about ancient philosophical systems, first in Europe and then in our country has caused interest in the occult, the attitude towards them divided and polarized by ecstatic enthusiastic preaching to an angry denial skeptics. But just as in the first voyage to the New World were discovered only island, the first excavations in many ways a historical layer damaged the ancient city, and the first advocates of occultism largely distorted this doctrine harmonious and fruitful Niva ancient systems of knowledge is still waiting for his patient workers . As it may seem strange, but no two hundred or a hundred or even fifty years ago, humanity was not ready to ensure that adequately decipher and understand the ancient system of astrology, the Kabbalah and others. Only closer to the present time, thanks to the emergence of psychology, ecology, the emergence of the concept of the noosphere and the first artificial intelligence systems, I suddenly found that many phe- great difficulty opening much earlier were identified and included in the clear diagrams and philosophical systems. It turned out that these mysterious constructions built mechanisms of understanding the process of cognition is described model of consciousness, is equally applicable to a person, and to civilization. This may seem strange, but in order to predict the fate of the creators of the Tarot had put into it a complete system description of human psychology, ranging from behavioral and ending the interaction with the subconscious and superconscious in man. This knowledge makes it possible to confidently predict human responses in any situation of his life. Tarot itself - it is a clearly structured system of symbols, numbers, basic concepts, which acquires meaning and information directly in the human mind, intertwined with his mental images, and because it simulates the process. In this deck there is no random number, not a single insignificant group, any element can be examined separately and in conjunction with other, at any level, is directly analogous to any branch of knowledge. And most importantly, that in the course of this search, as well as in the process of divination, increasing the depth of understanding and peace, and human, and the process of cognition. If the first steps on the path to the Truth part with cliches and stereotypes, it turns out that the process of divination and even games, there are flexible and intensive ways of knowing. Releasing from under the subordination of the usual programs imagination and creative search, directing it to a clear channel of symbols and images in a short period of time consciousness is doing work that requires many times more time and energy for other methods of forecasting and resolve situations. And that becomes evident in recent times, the process of thinking and the search can change the course of events and identify the human experience.
There are people who reviewed - learned a lesson even from the theory. There are people who looked at the mistakes others have made conclusions. There are people who need his forehead against the wall, otherwise the lesson will not be retrieved.