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True stories

With the help of divination by the Tarot, you can soften the blows of fate. Warning, sets people on appropriate behavior. What is this if not a moment of conscious overcoming of karma, if not the lesson we any voluntarily and not under duress of fate.

New housing

The client came to me in 2008. Living in a small apartment together with her spouse, adult daughter and son-a student. Any prospects for improving the housing situation't see very much because of this experiencing.

Disposition for one year in all spheres of life

The annual balance is conducted in two stages. Dismissal time is from the day of divination. At the first stage under consideration, which in General will be next year and the main events of each month. In the second stage of the preview events following spheres of life.

The definition of corruption, the evil eye

Hello, Elvira. Again, I dream about black people and eyes swollen as if the conjunctivitis - know exactly what is the evil eye or spoilage, but don't know from whom. Again my mother-in-law intensified?

Teacher trouble

Turned elementary school teacher. A series of failures: the student was injured, flooded the room. The client wants to know why this is happening. What will happen to the boy and how this situation will affect its work.

To us goes the auditor

Yesterday morning started with a call to constant Client To. She announced the planned test business tax inspection. Things are going well, she keeps the books, but from the word "check" panicked, because for the first time will participate in it myself.
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If Your life nothing changes, then You're not changing yourself. If everything in life appears to be stuck on the word "bad", then it is bad there is in You the most.